Technical capabilities

Mechanical Design

mechanical design • Experienced in high temperature design issues
• Knowledge of high temperature materials and properties
• Structural design using 3-D CAD modeling software
• Pressure vessel design
• Test facility design and operation

Testing Capability

testing capability • Cell performance testing
• Bundle testing
• See Around Latrobe magazine articles #54 & #57:
PEEI Logs Significant Number of Hours of Loaded Operation
Testing underway at PEEI for Turbo Fuel Cell Engine Power

• Material testing
• Stack sub component testing
• Pressurized cell and bundle testing

Electrical Design

electrical design • High temperature power collection and lead design
• Instrumentation and control
• Custom circuitry design
• Control software

Analysis Expertise

analysis expertise • Thermal analysis using ANSYS software and closed form solutions
• Stress analysis using ANSYS software and closed form solutions
• Performance modeling
• Multi-physics ANSYS modeling