Turbo fuel cell engine

What are Fuel Cells?

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that, when provided with a continuous flow of hydrocarbon fuel and air, directly convert the energy of the fuel into electricity. These devices can convert fuel to useful energy more efficiently than conventional combustion based technologies with significantly reduced emissions.


A Revolutionary New Engine Design Concept that:
• Is environmentally Clean
• Offers 40% Fuel Savings (compared to diesel)
• Uses Existing (and/or Future) Fuel Infrastructure
• Leverages Proven US/DoE Sponsored Technology

Our Turbo Fuel Cell Engine can be a drop-in replacement for existing heavy vehicle engines.
• Eliminates timing constraints to introduce new engine technology
• Current fuel system is unchanged

Front Right Isometric View of Fuel Cell Engine

National benefits from PEEIís Turbo Fuel Cell Engine

Local and national manufacturing jobs creation comparable to Caterpillar, Deere, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Mack jobs combined.

Only practical fuel cell engine capable of beating diesel engine fuel economy and power density
• 40% fuel savings over diesel engine
• Over 7,000,000,000 gal/year if used in all US heavy highway trucks

Uses existing (and/or future) fuel infrastructure
• Estimated $500 billion to replace existing fuel infrastructure.

New environmentally clean engine
• Over 64,000,000 tons less CO2 if used in all US heavy highway trucks
• Over 200,000 tons less Nox if used in all US heavy highway trucks

Our Goal for the future

Our goal is to get at least two of the major US diesel engine makers to build manufacturing plants in the Mount Pleasant area; support from the local community is critical:

Manufacturing infrastructure in place
• Convenient highway/rail transport and electric/water utilities
• Local technology base includes ceramics, energy, electrical equipment, advanced materials, and tooling
• Local large manufacturing plants exist

Drop-in replacement eliminates timing constraints for new engine technology

Dual civilian and military use provides economies of scale for manufacture and fielding

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Military Aspects

The new engine promises to have a dramatic impact on the future battlefield and other similar crisis situations

militaryWill Revolutionize Military Ground Mobility
• Large reduction in logistics fuel requirement
• Exportable (plug-in) electric power enables multiple mission flexibility

40% fuel savings in the field directly relates to:
• 40% less fuel transport costs and support vehicles
• More people available for combat operations
• Significant dual use for disaster relief

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Back Left Isometric View of Fuel Cell Engine

Turbo Fuel Cell Engine Schematic Diagram